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Don't be denied!

Facing your desire to portray the female form ...

I really do hope this website is not graded 'Adult'. Only because I wish I had had some reference, or guidance of this sort when I was young and impressionable.

I'd have been thirteen (what a horrible age), when in an art class one day, we were given the free choice of subject. By then I had already gained an appreciation for the female form and had scribbled a few secret drawings that I kept hidden in a draw.

I starred at the blank paper and at the paints beside it, and wondered if I dare. I dared. Nothing 'risky', just head to waistline - and in a blouse of course! Then, horror of horrors, fifteen minutes before the end of the hour-long class, the teacher asked us all to stop, then he asked us to get out of our seats and wonder around to look at each other's work.

It wasn't long before a group gathered around my painting, the boys where pointing and giggling at the breasts, and, to my amazement, the girls were very defensive about the work, saying it was only natural, normal, beautiful.

I was quite simply embarrassed beyond belief and never repeated the exercise. That experience and others like it, had me hiding my work for years - and years!

... and having others face it too!

But that's only the half of it. Reproducing the female form is a demanding task - and we don't all have willing subjects prepared to model for countless hours while we practice our craft.

As proven beyond doubt in the section I have labelled "Cheat Like Mad!", many internationally famous artists work with photography to hone their skills. For just one example of the many to be found there click here. Read the introduction to the Sensual Arts Glamour Photo Gallery section under 'Admiration & Inspiration' for further thoughts in this area.

Here my point is a simple one. Collecting a 'Reference Library' of suitable photographic images takes time - years. Within this website their are three catagories of images you can collect in moments - Portrait, Classic Nude and Sensual Glamour. Every image selected has been chosen for its potential as an artwork. All are taken from my own collection, brought together over thirty years. During that time many were 'discovered' and lost. Torn to shreds and disposed of by those who had no understanding of their purpose or potential.

Now, with the passage of time, I have learned to be more honest with myself and with those around me, who I had left to form their own mis-guided views and judgements.

In the end, justification comes with demonstrable results ...

( see My Art or click images below for examples)

The original reference photos for these paintings were taken from (left to right in order):
(Vivien) The Sunday Times Magazine, (Miss Universe) Cosmopolitan Magazine and (The Rose) Penthouse Magazine !!

As an artist I have to say that I actually morn the loss of some of those images,
so good were some that their form lives on a little in my memory.
I doubt I will come across them again.

None of the artworks in my own collection would have been possible
without the photo images that were their inspiration.

And so to my first bit of advice ... don't be denied.
If your heart and your gut are in it - whatever IT is ... GO - FOR - IT!


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