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Modern Pin-Up Art

I have trolled around the internet looking for (what I consider to be) good examples of Modern Pin-Up Art.
There's an awful lot of junk out there and a seemingly unending sea of tasteless and often quite awful erotica - but
there are also a great many examples of amazingly good works too. Here is my selection:


Many of these artists have their own websites, if I know the address it is included. For these and others though,
it's well worth looking for their work through the search engines too, as there are a good number of 'fan sites' out there.
Be warned though, my choice of any one artists work may not be fully indicative of their style or taste for more erotic imagery.

(click an image to view a gallery)

Carlos Cartagena

Examples & Website Links

Kim Harlow

Examples & Website Links

Olivia (DeBerardinis)

Examples & Website Links

Jay Trembly

Examples & Website Links

Various Modern Pin-Up Arts

Examples & Website Links Where Known

Catagorising this artform was tough, and a number of the artists that appear under other catagories on this
website do have works that are of a near-pure 'pin-up' nature. Those works, if shown, seemed to me (because of
their overall visual effect) to be just slightly better listed elsewhere because of their nature, or simply to
retain them within the main body of that artists work. Some noteable examples are:

(A separate window will open if you click any images below - Just close it when you are done)


Check around the web site - you may well find more!

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