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Jia Lu Art Gallery

With a great many thanks to fellow art lover Leopold Barr for introducing me to this quite amazing Chinese artist.
Jia has an excellent website (link below) which gives details of her work, her background and up-coming exhibitions etc.
A number of galleries around the internet carry her work too.

Jia Lu - Lotus Bodhisattva Jia Lu - Departure Jia Lu - Han Dynasty Jia Lu - Stone Arch
Jia Lu - Flamenco Jia Lu - Flowing Veil Jia Lu - Into the Light Jia Lu - Embrace
Jia Lu - Measured Passions Jia Lu - Bronze Drum Jia Lu - White Halo Jia Lu - Stillness
Jia Lu - Pool Jia Lu - Resting Jia Lu - Mountain Spirit Jia Lu - Enflame
Jia Lu - Mandala Jia Lu - Embroidered Light Jia Lu - White Peonies

Jia Lu Website Link - Click & Go!

Jia Lu Publications - Click & Go!

You'll find a Book and Brochure request facilities too!