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Steve Hanks Sensual Arts Gallery

Steve Hanks is a remarkably talented artist. Here, due to the nature of this website, I have selected a representative number of his figurative works from around the internet, but in doing so, somewhat misrepresent the artist overall. Steve Hanks paints from the heart and his images are as likely to be of his family and his surroundings as they are to be of the nature depicted below. Delightful as so many of those other images are, they would be out of all context here.  Visit his website (via the link below) and enjoy the pleasures of his talent to the full. For me, his understanding of the female form is remarkable, the execution of his work shows a love for his subject and the resulting images have a grace and a beauty that are uniquely his own.

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        Black Lace Nightgown

Ashley         Interior View

Restful Light

Morning Light    Mysteries Untold    Absorbing The Sun    Looking Back

You can view many more works and purchase prints etc, via these Steve Hanks Galleries ...

Steve Hanks Gallery

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