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Gateway to Sensual Glamour Photography
Tylyn John

I've done a little work on this photo - but there's a reason ...

Proof-Positive (I hope) that 'Glamour' can mean Beauty too.

We all know the sources of Glamour photography - and it can be a sensitive area. Over the years it's caused more trouble than enough, hidden copies of 'men's magazines' jumping out of the closet at the most inopportune moments. I've had my fare share! But here I feel a need to fight my corner - and my own corner alone. I'm an artist, and a lover of female beauty - and sometimes you find beauty in strange places. For me, that was never more true than during the years I was searching out my own Female Beauty Reference Library.

I looked upon it as prospecting, and I would often laugh at my own sensitivity about the whole exercise. I'd imagine a grubby old prospector, searching a pan of muck and rubbish, looking for gold. That was me - feeling like one of the Dirty Rain Coat Brigade! The cost was dear, the golden nuggets relatively few and far between - but they were there, though many 'disappeared' along the way. Of those that remain, many will form the basis of my future art - a few are here, seen much as I see them - and not (necessarily) as they actually appeared ...

... I hope you can enjoy their unique sensuality - and that my claim may be judged wholly valid.

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